Growing older is a fact of life, for those of us who are fortunate enough to experience later years.  I remember hearing many moons ago ‘that youth is wasted on the young’  and although I see where some may think that to be true, I recognise that my life is just like a book.

So far it has had many chapters, filled with all of the emotional ingredients, with plots that thicken and those that fizzle to nothing.  Mysteries that have been explored with villainous characters and loves that have curled my toes.  Experiences that have caused my growth whether I thought I needed them or not.  But my own unique story is just that – my story.

When I find myself reflecting backwards as a means of checking in to my past chapters, for what I’ve learned and, for what I am grateful for I also like to look forward and dream of what may yet be. This poem speaks of those thoughts and those moments.


As youth and beauty begin to fade

I contemplate, life in the shade 

As Autumn is the chapter I’m living

Where thoughts reflect on love I’ve given 

How much of life I’ve yet to tender

I know the time is becoming slender

Still much to learn and foods to savour 

My body moves through dance and favour

And when the last page of my life is done

I’ll climb the stairs and ascend to the sun 

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2017 – Expression #127 15.4.17

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