Baby our beautiful black Great Dane shared our lives alongside Jet (our black Labrador Retriever) for over eleven years. She was the most placid, gentle laid back dog I have ever had the pleasure to know.

She lived for the simple pleasures in life and was absolutely devoted to Jet, her alpha and companion. When he passed in December of the previous year a deep sadness descended upon her, and although she continued to love and adore my husband Roly and myself, and shake a leg at meal times, she was never quite the same.

We knew that everyday with her was precious as Great Danes very rarely live beyond eight, and so yes, she was both precious and amazing and we are so grateful that she chose to hang around with us for so long.

But even though we knew in our minds how lucky we were, we still found it excruciatingly painful to say goodbye when her time came. For she certainly chose her moment well. Exactly six months to the day and date, (Friday 21st) of Jet’s passing, Baby passed peacefully with Roly and I stroking her on her way to join Jet to make their way together over the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you ‘beautiful girl’ we love and miss you everyday.

Life on Earth Sunday 30th December, 2007 – Friday 21st June, 2019


Baby’s eyes were bright and clear
Her legs so long like a sprightly deer
Her zest for life on sunny days
Where soaking up the warming rays
Were what she lived for most of the time
When enjoying life within her prime

A cushion or two she would bring
Her ‘welcome home’ that made your heart sing
A throaty rumble was how she spoke
And life without her makes us choke
For no other soul can take her place
Now that she’s joined that ‘Sacred Space’

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2016-2019 – Expression #265 – 7.7.19

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