Our beautiful girl Tilly has left us to be with her furry family Jet & Baby after two years of watching over us without them. She rose to the occasion by loving us both as much as if there were still the three of them.

It was such a sad realisation for us, that saying goodbye was the most loving thing that we could do for her in that moment, as cancer had caught her by the tail, so to speak.

She was a strong willed girl as a pup, with swagger and sass, and grew to be even stronger in body, for she sure had a wide girth and beam. She inherited these from her genes, because you see Tilly was a Daniff, a Great Dane, Bull Mastiff cross.

Just like Baby, Tilly lost a bit of herself when Jet walked over the Rainbow Bridge but a deeper loneliness fell on her when Baby left too.

Then my husband Roly and I became her world. We introduced her to camping where she got to make friends with six families with six dogs and six children. Anyone who knew Tilly in the days before Jet & Baby left would tell you that she was a scaredy cat, who was not really into socialising with anyone other than her own pack. But she surprised us all and made friends with her furry camping family and enjoyed nothing more than walks in the bush, and nights around the campfire.

Regular walks on the beach and paddling in the waves, became another past time that she enjoyed, as well as big cuddles on the couch. Her last two years, became filled with our relaxed lifestyle and those precious memories are now what we treasure most.

Tilly gave us so much pleasure, and we hope that we gave her lots of lovely experiences to tell stories of and share with Jet & Baby when she reached the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

We miss you beautiful girl, but are so happy for you that you have returned home and are now running wild with Jet & Baby.

Life on Earth Monday 24th May, 2010 – Tuesday 23rd March, 2021


Our Tilly once, was a timid wee girl
Who came to our home, setting Baby in a whirl
For Jet who was alpha, he took to his part
Of bossing his ladies, about at the start

You see,Tilly was younger, by many a year
Bolshie with attitude, yet really so dear
As the years moved along, she grew to be large
In body and character, she learnt to take charge

For Baby and Jet, had to leave us behind
And loving for three, is what now filled her mind
A task that she rose to, for great was her love
She wrapped right around us, as tight as a glov

Now that you three, have walked over the bridge
We find ourselves standing, on a sad lonely ridge
Who will watch over us, now that you’ve all left?
There’s a rip in our hearts, that’s as huge as a cleft

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2016-2021– Expression #305- 27.03.21

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