This poem is about an Australian eucalyptus gum tree that I call Grandfather Tree.  I live but a stones throw away and am greeted each morning by the sun rising through the limbs of this great tree as it peeps over our garden wall.

This magnificent old tree (which must be at least 200 years of age) is all that is left in our immediate area of the Gnangara Forest.   This is being slowly cleared and decimated to allow for homes like ours, which is extremely sad.  The tree is now a focal point of the local park surrounded by a small area of natural bush,  where families gather to play and walk their dogs.

Whilst walking my black Labrador Jet, around the park he darted off into the bush, and so following him under the canopy of the trees arrived at the huge base of Grandfather Tree.  I decided to sit and glancing up the enormous trunk started taking a series of photos.  The longer I stayed the more I was moved by the tranquillity of the place which  inspired me to write this poem as a dedication.  I hope Grandfather Tree gets to ‘be’ for another 200 years.

Grandfather Tree

Grandfather Tree

Oh Grandfather tree as you stand tall

I look to your strength at times when I fall

Your limbs reaching high to capture the sun

I’m sure that you never, feel lonely or glum

The years that you’ve stood not a question in mind

Just lost in the moment whilst moving with time

Such beauty and grace as you quietly hold

The birds in their nests whose feathers unfold

To carry them far as they fly for the moon

Your safety and comfort are forgotten too soon

As I look to the east and lovingly stare

Your example of being is one that I share 

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2017 Expression #159 6.9.17

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