I very rarely watch the news, as it is never seems to contain anything good.  As I passed through the lounge one evening to chat to my husband something caught my eye that made me sit and listen, and guess what, what I was witnessing was not good!

Feeling very saddened after watching the news report I promptly went outside to sit in my favourite place for creative writing and wrote ‘Human Race.’

Human Race

Most are very lucky, to have homes that keep them safe

And use of modern  gadgets, some can even fly to space 

Stores filled to the brim, that would feed a growing army

And roads jam packed with cars, which is nothing less than barmy 

All is in excess, compared to those, who came before us 

Our daily news is blazoned, by who makes, the biggest fuss

Strutting like a peacock, boasting all about ones riches 

When still the needy starve and sleep, curled up, in dank dark ditches 

Nothing really changes, no matter what the century 

Many spend their lives, held within a penitentiary

There’s plenty to be shared, but that’s really not the case

Where all that’s actually called for, is a little love and grace

Our ancestors fought hard, to ensure there was a trace 

Of every race and creed, of the growing human race 

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2017 – Expression #124 13.4.17

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