At the beginning of April 2020, when the whole world had stopped breathing almost, we were all waiting to see what would happen next in a new world of uncertainty. Being faced with Covid-19 everywhere, the following was my perception and expression at this time.

Ivory Towers

The heat from the sun is warming my face
Thoughts of you fill my heart full of grace
The times sure are crazy, it feels like the end
Where everyone now, has to, let go of pretend

When you were last here, the world was so fast
Racing along, leaving time in the past
But as we’ve been forced, to all stay at home
Reflection is clear, whilst we sit here alone

That all of the stuff, that we gathered, to brag
Is really quite meaningless, and becoming a drag
Enforcing we stay, in our ivory towers
I’ve suddenly a desire, to smell, beautiful flowers

As people are leaving, to return to the Source
I pray for their families, who grieve with such force
And as we prepare for, what’s coming up next
Millions of people share their love, in a text

So I ask, as I sit here, that Heaven rallies around
Send us your Angels, to work on Earth’s ground
Dispelling our fear here is taking some work
As the darkness surrounds us, and stabs, like a dirk

I know that we have the strength to be strong
While taking the time to right what was wrong
As the new world emerges, unknown at this stage
May compassion for each other, be what’s written on the page

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2019 – Expressions #293 – 1.4.20

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