For the last twelve years I shared my life with the most amazing four legged compassionate hound named Jet. He was a black Labrador Retriever who shared the same birthday as myself.

His quirky ways were unique to him and he was definitely the alpha of the pack, lording it over Baby the Great Dane, and Tilly the Daniff. They are still with us today, but their lives like mine are not the same since Jet took his walk over the rainbow bridge.

We were all heart broken when his body started to let him down, and I know that if he could, he would have stayed.

I wrote a very personal poem in honour of ‘Jet’ just a few days after he passed on December 21st 2018 as a way of expressing my sorrow. Slowly we who loved Jet, are healing from the pain of him not being here, and today of all days, Mother’s Day, whilst sitting in the park where my husband, Roly and myself scattered his ashes, the following came to me.

I like to think it came from him, and sharing with you all is in honour of all beautiful dogs who bring oodles of unconditional love to our lives.

Thank you Jet, loved always 🖤

Life on Earth Tuesday 15th August, 2006 – Friday 21st December, 2018

Rainbow Bridge

Waving goodbye to my body I step onto that final ridge
My paws now padding softly over the rainbow bridge

I’m feeling so much love here I think I’ll stay a while
To catch up with the others who made my journey worthwhile

I know you may be thinking, what to do now that I’m gone
But my love will always surround you especially when you want to be strong

For I just came ahead to check out, that heaven is a good place to be
And when your time is nearing I promise to bring you back over with me

You are my adoring human whose love is deep and rife
So please don’t grieve or worry because I had the perfect life

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2016-2019 – Expression #255 – 12.5.19

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