Today is Mother’s Day here in Australia, and many other countries throughout the world.

As a mother I am always moved on this very special day, by the love and shows of affection from my beautiful daughters, two of which have children of their own. I am also thankful and appreciative of my own wonderful Mum who has taught me so much over the years, and letting her know how special she is makes that cycle complete.

But this day also brings pain and sorrow so so deep, deeper than the deepest of blue oceans. For there are so many mothers whose hearts are irretrievably broken, as is mine, and it is for you that I share through these words.

“Your child though gone is not lost, nor forgotten, for you were the keeper of their spark of life and you will always be their greatest gift, their mother”

Cheryl 💙

A Mother Knows

A mother knows as sure as wind blows
When the spark she carried is extinguished

For a piece of her dies like the cord that once tied
The second her child’s breath is diminished

Her heart sorely rips for redundant are her lips
Never to kiss again the soul that has vanished

That unbearable pain is compounded again
By those whose friendship so cruelly they banish

So how do I know? Well you see it’s my woe
For the loss of my child is my anguish!

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2016-2019 – Expression #249 – 15.4.19

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