Three ducks come to visit as I sit upon the bank
No fear in their gentle eyes just gratitude and thanks
That I should settle so quietly next to their reedy home
Where gushing water churns the life that collects as a frothy foam

I’m privy to a private show as the ducks now bob and dive
Searching for the fishes that serve to keep them all alive
Ripples form as bobbing feet create a circular wave
Whilst others rush to scale the banks to show that they are brave

The ducks have all sailed away to another bend in the river
And peace is broken by a bark that sets my heart a quiver
Unperturbed a tiny bird now lands upon a tree
Whose peaceful grace and beauty speaks volumes of being free

I can’t believe my eyes as a stork comes in to land
Sitting on a rock that I, could touch with my outstretched hand
Now stalking oh so quietly on yellow pole like legs
Begins precision clawing at the rivers settled dregs

The hum from nearby traffic disturbs this perfect scene
As do the hurried voices that mar what I’ve just gleaned
The morning show draws to a close as I say a fond farewell

And promise to come back again, to be entranced by nature’s spell

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2016-2019 – Expression #236 29.12.18

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