On Saturday 28th July 2018, there was a Blood Full Moon event that took place for the second time this year.  The first occurred on the evening of 1st February.  There was much excitement that night, here in the Southern Hemisphere as we prepared to witness an eclipse of a Blood Blue Moon, which is a rare combination of a total eclipse (causing a red shadow), of a full blue moon.

Taking a glass of wine and a camping chair, I was fortunate enough to be able to position myself in our garden and watch the whole event as it unfolded.  I have to say it was an amazing and humbling experience.  A few days later I wrote the following poem with the experience still fresh in my mind, and to celebrate the most recent event decided to share.

Blood Blue Moon

As I lay witness to, the eclipse of a ‘Blood Blue Moon’

I’m feeling very humble, as I realise all too soon

This celestial event, that I’m privy to behold

Will only last a night or two, as previously foretold

Sprawling on the ground now feeling, oh so very small

Reminds me of nature’s power to, enrapture and enthrall 

An orange glow is melting, the edges of this moon

And I cannot help but wonder . . .

Did the dish run away with the spoon?”

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2016-2018 – Expression #194 22.4.18

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