Twenty years ago today (14th July, 1998) at Salisbury Registry Office, I married my soul mate.  Surrounded by our children, family and friends we celebrated our love and had the most magical of days.

Magic, love, laughter, tears, pain, struggles, achievements, road blocks, frustrations, huge leaps of faith, with a good measure of travel and upheaval thrown in for good measure, have been our companions since that day.  Together we have survived the unthinkable, supported one another through times of change and often others on this, our journey of life.

On the evening of 7th October 2016 as I was sat in the garden, thinking of my husband I was distracted when I  heard our gate, click.  This became the trigger that set in motion my emotions and thoughts of our marriage.  This poem is dedicated to my wonderful husband Roland Alan Coleman and the years we have shared together to date.

The Quickening

The click of the gate alerts me you’re home 

Your travels of late from where you did roam. 

Thoughts of our love begin to soar 

A leap of my heart, as you walk through the door. 

Your eyes reignite the passion once felt 

My heart now feeling, as if it could melt. 

The quickening of love embodied as one 

Returns me to you in a moment, undone. 

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2016 – Expression #49 7.10.16

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