I have always had the perspective of viewing life with a ‘glass half full’ perspective.  I try to retain a sense of positivity in all situations however challenging.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I slip and then that veil dissolves and I see the world so differently.

Very recently as I lent an ear to a dear friend who was needing to share life from her perspective, (which sadly was from a place of sorrow)  I couldn’t help but identify with things that came up.  This poem highlights my thoughts and feelings that rose as a result of our shared conversations.


I’m feeling so unsettled, my head is in a whirl

My heart feels old and tired, I cannot find it’s pearl

The body aches from shaking, as the Earth erupts again

I do not wish to be here, for my life is such a strain

The light within my eyes, is tainted by the horrors 

Of man’s attempts to covert, whilst inflicting pain and terrors

I cannot find the answer, and it’s driving me insane

Of how we’re meant to love here, in the face of pure disdain

My soul is so so weary, and I know it seeks it’s home

Where unity and grace, flow as wisdom from a tome

The joy and love I seek, within the realms of humankind

Are misty threads so fleeting, as most are flying blind

I feel I’m being punished, for some long forgotten crime

Without a mind to question, or a thought to snare the time

I know not why I came here, or of what I came to learn 

But peace and love are memories of the ‘oneness’ that I yearn

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2018 – Expression #203 5.6.18

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