Walking in nature with my dog Jet, a beautiful black Labrador Retriever has a calming effect on both my mind and body.  If I am feeling stressed and disconnected, I allow us both the time to blend with our local surroundings.  We often visit Grandfather Tree who sits majestically in a quiet piece of the saved Australian bush at the bottom of my road.

One particular day I found myself well out of sorts trying to process grief that often engulfs me, even still.  Grabbing the lead and nursing my heavy heart found myself under the arms of Grandfather tree.

Sacred Place

My dog is softly panting, his ears are pricked, alert

Beneath the tall strong guardian, myself, I sit inert

Together we watch the ants, as they soldier to and fro

Along the broken branches, that seem to be their home

The birds are circling close now, they are coming in to land

Upon more broken branches that fell to join the land 

This space is very calming, no resistance do I feel

Just gentle flowing symmetry, and my heart begins to heal

My breath is now returning,  as I take the time to be

Connecting with this sacred place that clearly heard my plea

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2017 – Expression #168 5.10.17

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