For me there is nothing quite like nature to give a lift and a recharge, especially when I lose focus or am feeling directionless.

I wrote this poem one Sunday morning in Baldivis, Western Australia whilst sitting in my friend’s beautiful garden.  I could feel a calming gentleness in the air as I sat to appreciate the morning sunlight and enjoyed watching my friend as she engaged with her garden.


I see the water glistening, as it sets upon the leaves

And feel the gentle movement, as the wind blows through the trees

The dappled shadows settle to, protect the delicate flowers

Standing tall, the pastel blooms resemble leaning towers.

A curious insect comes to check, if I am friend or foe

As the sun surrounds my body and my skin begins to glow

I love to sit with nature on these mild and sunny days

Reminding me to take the time to soak up all the rays

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2017 – Expression #172 18.10.17

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