Although they were written three months apart this particular poem compliments Chilling in that once again nature is the subject.  I always seem to find  peace and comfort amongst the energy of Mother Earth.

A Soul’s Salve

The gravel crunches noisily, beneath my feet so bold

Along the winding pathway, through ancient trees of old 

Light glints through the leaves, hanging a canopy overhead 

And veering from the path, I chose another route instead 

Snapping of the twigs, scatter the creatures, large and small

From impending doom that threatens, from each, of my foot falls 

”I didn’t mean to startle, that truly, was not my aim

Or cause you any suffering, on you, I make no claim.” 

“I only wish to join you, in the, peace and solitude

Whilst meandering, amongst you, and to feel, my heart renewed”

”I promise to be quiet, to give, and not to take

This place that you call home, is salve, for a soul that aches” 

“So let me walk between you, and feel my heart explode

With love and joy and pleasure, to add to your abode”

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2018 – Expression #183 16.1.18

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