Struggles and strife find all of us somewhere on our journey through life, but it is often during such times that strength stretches us to become more than we thought we were.

I love connecting with people, because firstly, finding myself surrounded by like minded people is so encouraging, supportive and inspiring.  But meeting new people from different walks of life can challenge previous misconceptions and help to change the view of life from their perspective.  This always brings a breath of fresh air to my circle of awareness.

Whatever our differences are, each of us are living our own unique way and that is something I feel is always worth recognising and admiring.


How the sands of time do shift

A lesson, when learned, becomes a gift

Like the ebb and flow of waves

Life moves those who become the brave

To fight and stand for passions held

Within one’s heart where love does meld

Let no man, thought or fearful deed

Keep you from your soul’s true need

For love and laughter, joy and pain

Such feelings are, as vital as rain

And when standing on the summit tall

Your life you’ll know – ‘you gave it all

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2018 – Expression #205 15.6.18

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