I was visiting Grandfather Tree one day in October 2017, when out walking with Jet my Black Labrador Retriever.

Deciding to sit for a while under the huge expanse of this majestic tree, I caught sight of a broken eggshell that I can only assume had fallen from the nest high above.

As Jet went off exploring I let my imagination flow back towards the egg and its long departed resident.

The Egg

The eggshell that’s hatched upon the ground

Is now devoid of flesh and sound

The spark of life, like fire ignited

The being within, that since has flighted

Completing it’s challenge, of breaking through

The safety zone, that it outgrew

Each moment now is for exploring

The flock it joined, as ‘One’, are soaring

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2017 – Expression #171 13.10.17

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