I am fortunate enough to live in Perth where we have over 80 kms of glorious sandy beaches and a further 10,000 kms around the coastline of Western Australia.

I love to see the patterns that the waves can make upon the sand.  However I have always felt there is something mystical about footprints and so writing to express this came easy one day in November of 2017.

Footprints in the Sand

Leave your footprints in the sand

From life’s long journey on this land

The depth of passions, you have felt

Are born from experience, you are dealt

Love and joy, and, faith and hope

Shield you from, that slippery slope

But when at times, if you might trip

Do not despair, it’s just a blip

For cycles like waves, do come and go

Your footsteps will meld, with life’s rich flow

Whilst taking a breath, you stop to stare

Then glance behind, to see what is there

They’ve already left, claimed by soft lapping waves

Recorded with time, as are notes from a clave

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2017 Expression #177 17.11.17

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