This is one of those expressions that just came on a flight of fancy.  No truth, just purely imagination.

Wolves Night Out

I hear the wolves howling, and the blood, stops in my veins

My breath begins to quicken, my fear, I cannot feign

Will I become their dinner, beneath this bright full moon?

My senses are a jangle, for I feel, I’ll know it soon

Red eyes, glow in the dark, as they lock upon their target

The thickly dense night air, begins to fill, with their snarling argot

Then instantly, it’s silent as, my breathing joins the freeze

For in that very moment, a life, was taken with such ease

I realise I am thinking, with a bonus, of feeling too

Which means I’m very lucky, for on me, they did not chew!

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2018 Expression #199 13.5.18

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