In recent years our seasons here in Western Australia seem to have become more extreme.   It has not gone unnoticed for the likes of an immigrant from England who grew up with inclement and temperamental weather patterns that the winters are colder and wetter than ever before.  And the dry heat that we so enjoyed during our summer months have gradually become hot and steamy, and not in a nice way.

It is becoming a concern not only for myself but many of the native Australian people who also recognise something is just not right!

Nature’s Cycles

Raindrops gather, to pitter patter

As whirling winds, the plants do batter

The cooling cleansing drops of rain

Are falling from the sky again

No summer here seems, is our plight

As torrential storms, blow out sunlight

As clouds clear, and I sit and listen

The halting raindrops on the plants now glisten

Nature’s cycles are sorely changing

From people’s actions and rearranging

Now these thoughts do fill my mind

Of how us human’s could be so blind

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2016 Expression #41 1.10.16

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