Only the other day I was pondering, something I am apt to do with a coffee and my companion hound at my side.  I consider myself lucky to live the life that I do, but as I am sure it is for everyone, there are times when I question myself, the world, and the Universe!

This poem records my early morning musings.

Heavenly Advice

May the winds of truth blow through me as I sit and write this rhyme
Things are changing quickly now to usher in new times
Fear and panic everywhere as employment hits the skids
A chance to own one’s home is gone, and alien to our kids

The wild life around are calling, to focus our attention
That separate living without love, is causing our detention
“Now that you’ve caught my awareness with the wind and cawing birds
What is, what is called for, for a life of the preferred?”

Sitting patiently waiting, for an answer to this question
A surprising thought floats to me, and whispers, “let go of all aggression
Ha! Some might say “that’s not the way, for hurt me sure they did,
vengeance is mine, and take the time, from this pain, I shall be rid”

The tirade that just exploded is now soothed by a calming wave
“Forgiveness is the answer and with love you shall be saved”

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2018 Expression #198 10.5.18

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