One Sunday morning in September 2016 my husband and I were enjoying a family breakfast get together with our daughter and her partner at The Dome.  The weather for our springtime was warm and sunny, and had clearly encouraged many families to do exactly what we were doing.

Laughter amid the clinking tea and coffee cups and the divine aromas wafting from the kitchen set the scene and the ambience for this poem.

I am reminded every time I smell fresh coffee of that pleasant morning of sharing love and conversation with my family.


Teapots and the cutlery clatter

All about us, bodies chatter

Coffee, toast and sweet aromas

People lounging on big stuffed sofas

Drifting from the open kitchen

Dishes served by those a fetching

Sunday morning, for breakfast gather

With those we love, to show they matter.

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2016 – Expression #34 25.9.16

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