Just over a year ago I was sitting outside on the patio watching the night sky as the lightning danced and played.  The thunderclaps were so loud they chased two of our dogs back into the house to find safety under beds and in cupboards.

But one remained, ‘Jet’ my old black Labrador Retriever, my trusty companion who keeps me company no matter the weather.

Very soon the external show sparked an internal stirring and thunderclap was written.

As we are now entering our winter here in Perth, Western Australia the weather  has turned from a balmy 28°c just two days ago to, cold, wet and blustery with no sky visible due to dense rain clouds.  Oh well, great time to pull out the Uggy’s and wrap up warm beside the fire!


The clap of the thunder, starts releasing all the rain

The sky is lighting up now, its forking once again 

Discharging all the tension that was building in the air 

The wildlife taking cover and the dogs are really scared 

The chimes are going crazy for there’s mischief all around 

Snuffing out the night, like a blanket on the ground

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2017 Expression #104 1.3.17

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