This poem is very personal to me and is dedicated to all Mother’s and Father’s who have been parted from their children.  Nothing can ever prepare us for the cruelty of such a taking.

It is about and dedicated to my beautiful son Matthew, who has returned to ‘starlight whence he came’ and will always be my shooting star.

Shooting Star

My tears continue flowing, behind eyes that do not tell 

To course as an untamed river – it feels like I’m in hell 

The sorrow that I’m feeling, is like dust upon the wind

A hole as big as Venus burns, beneath the veil that’s thinned

In coldest space I find myself, still searching for the answer

Why fate would be so cruel to take, a child from it’s mother

My baby’s gone and life’s bereft of that unique spark of you 

An empty place that won’t be filled a black hole that’s, oh so blue

How do I leave this darkened space, where I hope to find you

Returned to starlight whence you came is what I know is true 

Capricorn is rising now, illuminating the night sky 

And there I glimpse a shooting star as it races way up high

Then in that very moment, my heart does skip a beat

My thought is that it’s you up there, my shooting starlight treat

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2017 – Expression #143 12.6.17

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