On the evening of 25th April 2017, I was sitting outside on the patio when my solitude was suddenly interrupted by my neighbours dog who started barking. Very soon, another joined in, then another, quickly followed by my own furry hounds. Their chorus was rather deafening.  However a question sparked a stirring in my mind and the following poem came to be.  Not only that the experience became the focus for one of my short stories, introducing a couple of new characters, all because of the cacophony that the neighbourhood dogs created.

Dog’s Love Best

In the distance a dog barks proud

Igniting a chorus from others, all around

A canine story, perhaps is being told

Telling tales of the mighty, the brave and the bold

Whatever they are sharing, in the language of the bark 

I’m certain what is called for, is a moment to take heart 

Their capacity to love, from which they never tire

Waiting patiently for us, to return beside the fire 

Man’s best friend it’s said, of these compassionate creatures 

Whose unconditional love of course, makes them, the best of teachers

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2017 Expression #132 25.4.17

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