Have you ever noticed just how self contained cats are, not needing to adore humans like dogs do.  They are smart, inquisitive and rather aloof, often presenting with a regal flick of their tail towards anything that displeases them.

They are all about them, which can be very entertaining one minute quickly followed by extremely frustrating the next.   I remember watching my friend’s cat once and was completely mesmerised by her as she appeared to be stalking something unseen with such focus and clarity.

Then in an instant as she pounced and dug her claws deep into my thigh, I realised I was the focus of her attention.  She then curled up in my lap totally uninvited, and with no regard for whether I approved or not, settled down with a purr and a glint in her eye.

I remember thinking “never cross a cat!”

Cat Thoughts

Cats are independent, they love to, sit up in the trees

Silently observing, as their whiskers, catch the breeze.

The air they carry in their stance, smacks a royal presence

Commanding that their needs are met, with an attitude, of pleasance.

Intelligent and agile, they hunt with stealthy precision

Their prey becoming part of a game, played from their deadly decision.

“You are going nowhere, for now you are my toy,

and take you back I will, to bring my human joy”

Arriving home with triumph the hunter proudly reveals

But efforts to provide for, are met with anguished squeals.

“I thought I’d bring you dinner to show you all my love

but guess that’s not the answer, so I’ll have to bear the shove.”

“Maybe I can make up, for what has just gone down

and jump up on your lap instead, and for awhile, stay around.”

© Cheryl Mary Coleman 2018 – Expression #197 9.5.18

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