I am Cheryl Mary Coleman, a wife, mother, reiki master, writer, crafty creator, and a wooden spoon wielder.  These are but a few of the hats I wear!

Wife – I have been married for over twenty years to an amazing man who dared to take a chance on me, marrying the whole package, that came with four ready-made children.  Life in the kitchen, creating sumptuous dishes, (sometimes with very little in a dwindling larder,) for a hungry growing family, is a love I still have.  I find it absolutely impossible to cook for two, as my wooden spoon is not programmed for anything less than six!  Needless to say we have a lot of left overs that we share with our three furry companions.

Mother – I am a very proud mother of four.  My eldest, my son, sadly passed away in November of 2016.  I miss him every second, of every day.  I have three gorgeous daughters (yes I know, I’m biased, but if you knew them, you would more than likely agree!)  I am blessed to have five grandchildren, who light up the world with their presence.

Business Owner – I am retired from my complementary health practice that helped others to live in balance honouring the Mind, the Body and the Soul.  As a handwriting analyst, reiki master, and hypnotherapist, I have been so fortunate to share the journey of transformation with so many wonderful people.

My absolute passion now – which is in all honesty a relatively new passion, is writing rhyming poetry and short stories to share.  This took me quite by surprise as until the middle of 2016 I hadn’t written a thing, nor was I inclined to even like poetry.  Probably because when I was at school it was an expression of the English language that was only briefly touched on.  Not only that it was lost on a thirteen year old girl, who tended to stare out of the window during English class daydreaming about being all grown up and wondering what it was really like to smoke cigarettes and drink wine!

My Top Ten of What I love

  • sharing my life with my husband, my family and my friends
  • cuddling and playing with my dogs
  • creating beautiful gifts to share
  • blending and using essential oils
  • sitting on the patio in the moonlight waiting for the inspiration to flow
  • walking in the favourite park of my black labrador Jet, who passed away Christmas 2018
  • scrunching my toes in the grass
  • living in beautiful Perth, Western Australia
  • sipping hot black coffee with honey first thing in the morning as the sun rises
  • writing, writing and more writing