It is really hard to know where to start when one’s mind is in a state of flux.  Never really sure whether what seems to be a day of life could really be a dream.  Those moody junctures of overwhelm where everything seems so grey and hopeless, interspersed with moments of total rapture and wonder.  It’s really quite bizarre that the human construct can so easily fluctuate from the sublime to the ridiculous.  From extreme beauty and breathtaking wonder to deep depressing goo that tethers us to the muck of emotional sadness and despair.

Total madness and chaos are the norm of the life so many of us live today, whose searching for happiness has become a total obsession because it is so rare in its finding.  Children come in programmed with such knowledge and wisdom of the other plane, and look at those of us who came to blaze a path, that they so clearly do not need blazoned.  The spark of life is present in the tiniest of souls who laugh in the eye of courage.

Some obscure thought is needed to navigate the quagmire we call home, yet joy is a state worth pursuing even if it is as allusive as a butterfly in space.  For each of us are born with the paradoxes of the mind that conjures all imaginings from a place of spectral whispers.  Life, death and everything in between are the rivers of emotion that catch our hearts and sweep us down river to pool beyond the opening of such strange and fictitious truths.

Who am I channeling when I write such words that need an expression? A larger audience to infiltrate, mock, cajole and love all at once.  Why do I feel so sad and blue, yet sprightly, jovial, jocular and true.  An enigma worthy of a listening ear and a coaxing voice.  I await your communication this night, whilst resting in that twilight zone that you call home.