One morning in March of last year, here in Ellenbrook, Western Australia, the Autumn sunshine caught my rings momentarily capturing my attention.  As I allowed by focus to gaze on the creases and knuckles of my fingers I became aware just how vital they are to everything that I do.

Very soon the words began to tumble forth and ‘Fingers’ came into being shortly after.


Our fingers are amazing, do you know what they can do?

They hold and squeeze, and pinch up things and often mould stuff too

They stroke and soothe and dig and smooth when that is what is called for

They can even rub and scratch, and turn the latch and, knobs upon a door 

They’re known to grasp and hold on tight when life is in the balance

To clean on high the dust and webs that hang upon a valance 

They poke and jab and point the way when directing to another

But remember to be gentle, when they cover, so not to smother 

Fingers can be tiny, large and even small

They can be sleek and slender, one size does not fit all 

So remember to be grateful for the tasks that they perform 

For every single movement, is potential to transform

© Cheryl Mary Coleman, 2017 Expression #111 17.3.17

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